Swiss Journal of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine (SJORANM) is an open access, peer-reviewed international journal that accepts for review any original scientific work in the fields of radiology and nuclear medicine.

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This issue shows the most important standard sections of relevant questions in musculoskeletal (MSK) ultrasound of the wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle. Exemplary images with descriptions of the sections and anatomical structures were created and the positioning of the patient explained. Several patient cases per region are being presented and explained in order to place the described procedures in a clinical context. The advantages and disadvantages of the imaging procedures are being explained and compared.

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SJORANM Editorial Board members oversee the peer review process for the journal, including evaluating submissions, selecting reviewers and assessing their comments, and making editorial decisions. Together with Advisory Editorial Board Members they are involved in the development of journal policies and ethics standards and work to promote SJORANM mission to provide resources, support and advice for early stage researchers in their journey from writing to publishing their scientific papers while at the same time making free public access to scientific research. Note: The editorial board screens for plagiarism before starting the review process. 

This journal does not charge any fees for publishing an article (No APCs!)

                             Portrait Johannes Heverhagen             

Prof. Dr. med. Gerd Nöldge                Prof. Dr. Dr. med. Johannes Heverhagen

      Editor-in-Chief                                                   Editor


 Prof. Loose                                                   

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. rer. nat. Reinhard Loose                   Dr. med. Frank Mosler

        Associate Editor                                                                Associate Editor



                                        Jasmin Busch

Prof. Dr. Dr. med. Martin H. Maurer                         PD Dr. med. Jasmin Busch

        Associate Editor                                                     Associate Editor